Need to remove shop name from title in Prestashop? Ok!

Info and theory

First of all you need to know that title is really very important for SEO. Title tag should, as much as possible, correspond to page contant and have words from it’s header (h1,h2 …) tags.

So as you understand shop name in every title tag isn’t the best decision! And I want to offer you several ways to remove it.

Some words from

The <title> element:

  • defines a title in the browser toolbar
  • provides a title for the page when it is added to favorites
  • displays a title for the page in search-engine result


You can simply remove shop name in title by editing meta-data of the page. But after manual editing shop name will disappear from only the one page you have edited.

To totally remove shop name you can edit classes/Tools.php file. Find completeMetaTags function and remove all includes of:


That’s all you need!
Now you are one step closer to google TOP! 🙂


DailyPresta Admin area theme for Prestashop

Hello, this is a great time now! Today we are glas to present our first add-on release for Prestashop.

And.. ta-da-am: this is an Admin area theme for Prestashop.

Yes, it really the backend style – rather rare prestashop add-on. As all of us knows Prestashop is great cms, but backend looks like from the past. And now it’s time to improve it. Admin area is not easily customizable but using CSS3 and some Magic make it possible for us.



  • Clear look for comfortable work
  • Nice accents on main elements
  • Flexible wide from 980px to 1280px
  • Beautifull css3 buttons and styles
  • Great icons from “PC 100 Icon Pack”



Let’s look and smile:


Be sure it’s even more beautiful in real life! 🙂


Smarty cache clear – free prestashop module

If you remember a post about prestashop smarty cache clear and find this operation a bit boring…

You’ll be glad to know that there is a free module to automate this operation!

Developed by RSI Sistemas

Compatible: Prestashop 1.2 – 1.5

Version: Clear Smarty

Price: Free


Featured categories for prestashop module

Developed by 

Compatible: Prestashop 1.2 – 1.4

Tested version: Featured categories v.2 running on Prestashop 1.4.7

Price: € 12,00


Free Nivo slider prestashop module review

Free Nivo jQuery Slider Prestashop Module


Developed by dev7studios and free module for prestashop by Prestashopic

Compatible: Prestashop 1.3.x – 1.4.x

Tested version: Nivo slider 2.0  running on Prestashop 1.4.7

Price: €0, $0 etc 🙂

Slider features

11 unique transition effects
Simple clean & valid markup
Built in directional and control navigation
Supports linking images
Keyboard Navigation

Browser support

Nivo Slider has been tested in the following browsers:
Internet Explorer v7+
Firefox v3+
Google Chrome v4
Safari v4
Opera v10.5



Small redesign for DailyPresta prestashop blog

Our blog was tunned up a bit to follow the official prestashop’s site design style. It’s only the first step on a long long road to final blog design.

The main idea is to provide useful information in a beautiful and comfort way. Follow us 🙂


Prestashop smarty cache clear solution

Hello and welcome to the new DailyPresta blog categorie called Tips.
Tips is short and usefull.

It’s a rather common problem when you’re changing your shop php scripts. You change your code but nothing changes in frontend output.


Solution in two steps:

1. Go to the Preferences → Performance

And set radio buttons at Smarty section as viewed:


2. Refresh your browser window and if it’s still the same delete cache manually

clean up folder contents:

  • /tools/smarty/cache
  • /tools/smarty/compile


  • /tools/smarty_v2/cache
  • /tools/smarty_v2/compile

on your server.


And remember to turn Force compile and Cache back (step 1) after work is done.


Orlique – the Order Manager for Prestashop module review

This is the module for the entire management of your Prestashop store orders. You can add new orders and edit/delete existing ones.


Developed by Silbersaiten and it’s Prestashop modules project

Compatible: Prestashop 1.2.x – 1.4.4

Tested version: Orlique v 1.2.1 running on Prestashop 1.4.7

Price: € 89,00


Prestashop pagination.tpl template tune up

The problem

Many of us noticed that pagination in prestashop works a bit different then you expect it to work.

For example this is pagination for 4 pages:

Why it shows 1,2,3 and where is 4? Just click the second page and:

* them same situation with the last page.

Ok, showing 1 2 3 … 4 wont be great idea but continue showing 1 2 3 is also not the best idea.



I don’t know the motivation of creators to do so and can fins only several reasons:

  • pagination output is assigned to the creators of the template which more likely to use the default template code;
  • the main idea was to make pagination compact?!

Nevertheless pagination works correct with large number of pages:

Lets try to solve it!


We are open!

Hello, our project start it’s life right here right now! 12.02.2012

I don’t think we need or even can wait anymore. The main thing in our life is time and it’s running very very fast!

For now our blog looks simple but we have a tremendous number of ideas and direct improvements in plans. The main target for us today is creating a good reviews and collecting useful prestashop information in one place.

So I really hope You like Us! 🙂

DailyPresta founder,
Konstantin Fedorov.

ps: also you can follow us on Twitter and Facebook