Orlique – the Order Manager for Prestashop module review

This is the module for the entire management of your Prestashop store orders. You can add new orders and edit/delete existing ones.


Developed by Silbersaiten and it’s Prestashop modules project

Compatible: Prestashop 1.2.x – 1.4.4

Tested version: Orlique v 1.2.1 running on Prestashop 1.4.7

Price: € 89,00


The beginning

Let’s start from module installation, it’s not such a hard task and everything was installed successfully.


Right after the installation you can access Order Manager module as a submenu under the Orders tab:


Main Order Manager view looks like the default order list except several additional elements: group operations with statuses, group order deletion and ability to edit and delete particular orders ant it’s details.


For group operations you need to select checkbox and simply change order status by clicking “Change status” button or selecting orders you want to delete and clicking “Delete selection“:


In addition to regular order list it has an ability to edit and delete near view link:



the Order Manager itself – editing orders

Module looks very well structured and don’t need any help or documentation to understand it’s functionality. Every underlined things can be clicked and changed. All connected calculation will be done immediately.

Main window:


Interface is divided into two parts: top that contains common information about order and bottom with order details and operations, shipping and discount options.


The bottom one has 5 tabs:

  1. Order
  2. Shipping
  3. Discount
  4. Ivoice Settins
  5. Messages
1. Order
Gives you an ability add and edit order products.


To add the product just start writing it’s name and Ajax-based form will instantly output the drop down field with product names to choose from (screenshot above).

If there is different combinations for the product:

Just click the product you need in the dropdown and it will be displayed below with all allowed combinations. You can easly add them to the order by clicking “+“.


2. Shipping / Address

As you can see it’s really simple to understand all the functionality. Change the carrier, edit the shipping price or even change customer addresses right from order manager module:


3. Discount


4. Invoice settings

This tab gives you an ability to add additional information to the order INVOICE and switch it ON and OFF.

Let’s try!


Let’s add some words, make it visible and click Save… And….Yes! Now we can see some information at the bottom of the invoice file:



5. Messages.

Allows you to fastly clip messages to the order.


In default order-view tab it looks like:

So as I understand “private” messages won’t be shown to client and on the other hand not private message will be send to customer.


Save an order

And the last thing you can always see is buttons to “Save order” and continue editing and “Save order and preview” it in default Prestashop interface.


Also you can set checkbox to send an email to client with new order details and changes you made:


“Add new order” or missed Prestashop function

To add an order you need to click “Add new Order” just under the logo in Order Manager at main screen interface.


Creating new order looks the same as order edit except tabs Invoice and Message as there is no order for that moment and great ability to fastly Create new customer.

* To select an existing customer you need to start typing it’s name in “Select Cutomer” field as adding new products to the order

To create a new customer just click and you will instantly see the form with all information you need, group marks and ability to add several address.

Now, fill it:


And click Save.


By clicking Set as shipping address and Set as invoice address it filles the same named fields with the right information


Now just create an order you like and click one of Save variants


Now it’s done!



This is really wonderful module! I like and use it in my own shop for more than a year. There is only several layout bugs, the module functions itself works very solid so there is no need to worry. Also I would like to mention responsive customer support, which assists users to quickly resolve their problems if any.
Thanks for reading!
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ps: Official Orlique video.

Part 1.

Part 2.

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