Free Nivo slider prestashop module review

Free Nivo jQuery Slider Prestashop Module


Developed by dev7studios and free module for prestashop by Prestashopic

Compatible: Prestashop 1.3.x – 1.4.x

Tested version: Nivo slider 2.0  running on Prestashop 1.4.7

Price: €0, $0 etc 🙂

Slider features

11 unique transition effects
Simple clean & valid markup
Built in directional and control navigation
Supports linking images
Keyboard Navigation

Browser support

Nivo Slider has been tested in the following browsers:
Internet Explorer v7+
Firefox v3+
Google Chrome v4
Safari v4
Opera v10.5



First of all let’s try ro install it thought the default prestashop module installer. Module added successfuly and after clicking on install:


Frontend preview

This is how Nivo slider prestashop module looks in real life (Mouse is over the slider on screenshot, left/right buttons became visible). Simple and beautiful but there is no field for text description of slides. Not all of features of original Nivo slider ported to free module. Base functionality and original transition effects of Nivo slider presented here.



Preference of Nivo slider is not so powerfull too. There is fixed number of images (four – from 0 to 3) and only several settings: current image preview, change image ability and ‘click on image’ link.

Zoomed variant gives no surprise 🙂


Want to change an image… Let’s try on inverted default image, choose one and click SAVE…


– – Don’t worry, everything works good! – –




It’s really not very comfortable to have 4 banners all the time, but there is a way to change it manualy. If we have an access to the ftp, we can find module configuration file LANGlinks.xml under the /modules/slideric folder. LANG is a prestashop language 2-letters code.

Yes this multi language module and if you switch frontend lang it will load different images.

But… I don’t find a way to change this images through the administration area, you still can do it manualy in /modules/slideric.



The results? This is wonderful module for it’s price! 🙂 So thanks dev7studios for the nivo slider itself and Prestashopic team for prestashop adaptation.

I’d love to hear about your experiences with other prestashop slider modules on comments!


PS: If you are developer and want to see review of your prestashop module, feel free to send me a request to


7 replies on “Free Nivo slider prestashop module review”

Hi, thank you for reviewing our Slider module on here.

We released new version of Slideric module with the name of Slideric Pro. It has a lot of options from Prestashop Back Office. Now images, caption, title, caption all are multilingual and unlimited adding slide images.

Still true, you have to change the links from images in different languages manually. The BO only let you do it for the main language. Otherwise you are redirected to the creator of the application.

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