Featured categories for prestashop module

Developed by 

Compatible: Prestashop 1.2 – 1.4

Tested version: Featured categories v.2 running on Prestashop 1.4.7

Price: € 12,00

Hello and welcome back to Prestashop modules review.

Today we are going to examine another one interesting and easy to use prestashop module by PrestaFabrique.

Features of Frontpage Categories for PrestaShop

Owner can mark categories and subcategories as featured in Administration Panel, and theese will appear in a box on hompage, similar to the Featured Products block. Module displays image and name of it’s category. So it’s rather simple module but I find it very useful especially for shops with few categories and beautiful attached pictures.


As always, let’s start from the…


Installation of Featured Categories module

Readme file content:

1) Unpack featuredcategories-2.zip (you will find a ZIP and this readme.txt)

2) Unpack featuredcategories.zip (for Prestashop 1.4 this ZIP can be added from BO with automatic module upload)

2) connect to the server with any FT program and navigate to: prestashop root/modules folder

3) upload the unpacked featuredcategories directory to the server (root/modules)

4) go to your admin area and locate the new module under the “Tools” category

5) install, configure and enjoy

Prestashop backend » Modules » Add a module from my computer

Upload this module and…. ops! I can’t find installed module?! Automatic module upload failed? Let’s try manually:

1. Unzip featuredcategories.zip and…  featuredcategories is located under upload folder, I think that’s it but will still install it manually.

2. Upload to /modules

3. Go to Administration » modules




Configuration of Prestashop featured categories module is really simple. Just check categories you want to be shown on mainpage and order it the way you like (Positioning added at version 2.0) then press Save button.

If you have nested categories it will look like the same one level way:

iPod insider is a subcategory of iPods.



Everything works OK. New block with Featured categories and marked categories in it was added successfully. On this screenshot you can look through it default style compared to default featured products style. In real life shops you need to create presonal style for such an elements to get the best of it!



Personally I love this small module for it’s simplicity and good price. Prestashop’s featured categories by PrestaFABRIQUE just do it’s work.



But there is also one bad thing: it’s NOT Friendly URL compatible and that’s really strange as it’s rather easy to do. I hope feature releases will fix this problem or you can do it yourself.


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