DailyPresta Admin area theme for Prestashop

Hello, this is a great time now! Today we are glas to present our first add-on release for Prestashop.

And.. ta-da-am: this is an Admin area theme for Prestashop.

Yes, it really the backend style – rather rare prestashop add-on. As all of us knows Prestashop is great cms, but backend looks like from the past. And now it’s time to improve it. Admin area is not easily customizable but using CSS3 and some Magic make it possible for us.



  • Clear look for comfortable work
  • Nice accents on main elements
  • Flexible wide from 980px to 1280px
  • Beautifull css3 buttons and styles
  • Great icons from “PC 100 Icon Pack”



Let’s look and smile:


Be sure it’s even more beautiful in real life! 🙂


  1. Extract DailyPresta theme archive to any folder
  2. Copy extracted DailyPresta folder to /ADMIN_DIR_NAME/themes/ folder
    ADMIN_DIR_NAME – name of your admin folder
  3. Set new admin theme for your user: Go to Employees, edit your profile and set theme to DailyPresta



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We are not planning to make any prestashop extensions exept some special or rare stuff as Admin area theme.
Idea of Dailypresta is Add-on’s reviews, tutorials and tips / not creating modules and themes.