Need to remove shop name from title in Prestashop? Ok!

Info and theory

First of all you need to know that title is really very important for SEO. Title tag should, as much as possible, correspond to page contant and have words from it’s header (h1,h2 …) tags.

So as you understand shop name in every title tag isn’t the best decision! And I want to offer you several ways to remove it.

Some words from

The <title> element:

  • defines a title in the browser toolbar
  • provides a title for the page when it is added to favorites
  • displays a title for the page in search-engine result


You can simply remove shop name in title by editing meta-data of the page. But after manual editing shop name will disappear from only the one page you have edited.

To totally remove shop name you can edit classes/Tools.php file. Find completeMetaTags function and remove all includes of:


That’s all you need!
Now you are one step closer to google TOP! 🙂