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DailyPresta mission is to provide an interesting and usefull information for people developing Prestashop based ecommerce sites.

Yes, we really find prestashop to be great cms for internet stores and one of “ps” main advantages is it’s flexibility. There are a lot of modules, themes, hacks, tutorials and other information from different developers and it’s very easy to get lost among them.

Many modules from different developers doing the same thing and it’s very hard to decide what to use for better results. There are tremendous number of theme created for presta nowadays but some are great, some not and contain different hidden problems. There are a lot of way to tune your shop the right way but it’s not always so easy to find the right solution. That’s the questions we want to work on. That’s the problems we wanna solve!

So we are ready to try making the world of prestashop developers easier. The main idea is to provide interesting and useful reviews of all kinds of prestashop addons & share this information using DailyPresta blog.

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